What is a customer?

Who do you view as your customers? Your customer is not just the consumer of the end product or service your company sells. Your customer is everyone you interact with throughout the journey of business. Your suppliers are your customers, your partners and staff are also your customers. Your business is providing these stakeholders with

Who should master the customer data, change the conversation!

This is such a typical question regardless of the size of your business. Multiple systems in place each one of them has customer data who should own the customer?   ERP – of course they control the billing information which is critical to the business. CRM – why else would we have a CRM in

Small business, small steps

When small and medium businesses are considering a new or replacement system too often it turns into an expensive exercise. The business needs certain functionality, IT needs to ensure the product chosen fits with the current infrastructure and then there is the question of existing systems, to replace or not to replace. A new or

We are where we work

Now I know you might say that no everyone has choices, put realistically we do. There is always another job out there that you can do, it might mean you have to sacrifice a few things in life but what is more important Netflix or your morals?   They say you are what you eat,

The Customer Experience Play

I am sure this has been done a million times, but I am going to compare our engagements with customers to a playbook for a sports team, more specifically and because I am Australian I will compare it to Australian Rules Football.   Every time we interact with a customer be it accidental or as

Challenge Me!!

How often do we find that that the most senior person in the room comes up with the solution. Does that mean it is the right solution? Does that mean that you can’t challenge them?   I expect my team members to challenge me on a daily basis. I don’t have all of the answers

Architect or Developer

I will start by saying the opinions in this are my own. So often you find that a consulting company will hire developers, and good developers at that and try to sell them to their clients as architects. There is a big difference between a developer and an architect and a misrepresentation such as this